ALLEN COLEMAN STYLISTI know I have said this once but I got to say it again, I absolutely love this linen jacket from john lewis. I find myself wearing it with everything from dress pants to my light wash denim shorts with the sleeves pulled up. The length and button stance scores well for an off the rack suit, the lapels also sit straight rather than curve like other already made suits. Apart from the lapels that break lose when I make sudden movements with my arms this jacket is almost perfect. I have grown to love wrinkles so much I have plans of purchasing more linen jackets in the future. The pink shirt, I have always fancied pink on others but I have never mastered up the courage to score one to work till now. Pink has always been a favorite for British men, unlike them it has taken the rest of us some time to catch on and I am glad I finally did. Paired with a linen John Lewis two button odd jacket and a pair of  jack Reid gray pants I believe I channeled the quintessential British gentleman under this scorching African sun. I have a feeling I am going to dive into more pink shirts just off the strength of the compliments I get when my panther turns pink. BOHTEN GLASSES MENSWEAR

Digging my new frames? I have got the people over at Bohnten eyewear to thank. I love tortoise shell frames, they have the tendency to lend a hand of character and elegance to the wearer much like this beautifully pair crafted from reclaimed wood & acetate harvested in the heart of West Africa. The lightweight eyeglasses are designed in Canada and handcrafted in a zero-waste facility. The tortoise acetate front offers a high level of comfort to the wearers, this Ghanaian inspired and Canadian manufactured is destined make waves if it putting out stellar design and production like this. MENSWEAR AFRICA  AFRICA MENSWEAR  TAILORING AFRICA


2 responses to TURN PINK

  1. superb jacket, has given you a great sophisticated casual look, I have never thought to look to John Lewis before. Another great brand with great jackets you might like is Devred, i’m not sure they have shops in the UK, however, the French rarely go wrong when it comes to fashion. Yours shoes where are they from? I’ve seen something similar at MossBros

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