hs_hi_navy_1_88818da0-f95a-4196-a0f0-2960801510d7 This hand sewn vegetable suede hi tops from FEIT is just made the list the list of things I may never buy but constantly daydream about crashing a party in a pair. My wardrobe space for sneakers has shrunk over past year but I definitely won’t mind shoving a few brogues in the store room just to make space for these babies. Never a owned a pair of vegetable suede footwear but this beautiful indigo color way makes it really tempting not to consider taking a dive into the suede end. Feit suggest that it’s worn bare footed which I find very interesting, apparently the craftsmanship involved in the production is unique. ‘’The Hand Sewn High is built from start to finish by one master craftsman using a unique construction. Traditionally the Goodyear Construction involves the upper of the shoe being stretched over the last, stitched to a leather strip known as a welt, and the sole stitched to the welt. For this style we have adapted the traditional Goodyear Construction, by attaching the cork foot bed inside the sole unit for extra durability. It is then left on the last for up to ten days where light steam is let into the room, its moisture falling on the shoes. This process allows the humidity to tighten the shoe on the last, ensuring a superior shape and fit. We have used the finest Italian vegetable leathers and suede, using minimal dyes, chemicals and pigments so the hide remains as close as possible to its natural state. The leather breathes as it does in nature. It is non irritant, soft to touch, ages richly over time and is biodegradable. Features a full length leather out sole, and is fitted with a Buffalo leather vegetable tanned foot bed.’’hs_hi_navy_3  hs_hi_navy_4  hs_hi_navy_2

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