LOLA by Allen A. Coleman

It’s been one interesting little ride of art since I started shooting Lola, it’s been about a month now and I must confess I am enjoying every bit of it. Art wise it has been liberating, but its damn near impossible running around with a beard and a doll without catching a few blank stares. Creating life around a lifeless object is quite interesting, this isn’t my first time going down this path but Lola’s facial expression makes this one way easier to ignore the blank stares. I shot Lola through the holidays but I have not gotten around to editing any of the photos but I promise I will have them trickling in consistently from now on.



5 responses to LOLA, YOUR FLYNESS

  1. I swear my mom used to have a few of these dolls to hang on the Christmas tree when I was a child! Did Lola used to wear a grass skirt? Lol I really like this shot…looks like she’s floating above the thorns…beautiful colors captured.

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