IMG_6935-2 With every new year everyone is granted the license to stop something old and start something new, this year I have decided to the wise, keep working what works. I never mention grey as my favorite Color despite the fact that there is no color that I wear more when it comes suiting up for the office, and maybe that’s simply because saying my favorite color is gray makes me sound less interesting than i am. Aside from its classic appeal I love how easy it is to pile on grey and manage to come off as one solid look. I am wearing separates in this photo, even though the pants have a micro pattern and darker in shade, they still form a solid and appealing look.IMG_6979-2-2
IMG_6875I just picked up a bottle of tom ford’s grey vetiver, for those you have been sitting on sidelines on this one I am here to testify, this fragrance is insane! It’s one of those fragrances that have the ability to prolong hugs, definitely one for those who like to reminded of how good they smell 5 times a day.IMG_6933-2
IMG_6812jacket by reiss, shirt by TM Lewin,Tie by Burberry,Pants by john lewis,bag by Prada,shoes by Johnston and murphy, vintage pocket square.

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