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Back the office aaaaawwwwready! Money doesn’t sleep; neither does the gentleman who determines where it rests. I am going to be off in a couple of days just in time for the New Year, until then my work wardrobe is going to be a lot casual and more relaxed. This linen blazer from john lewis and chinos from Dockers have got to be my best purchases for 2013,they always come to my rescue, I plan on wearing them into the ground. When it comes the dressing down to the office a pair of stone chinos is a must for me, I took to my tailor after I picked it up thrifting and had it fitted, it brings ‘’the casual’’ every time.

allen coleman  allen coleman stylist 

Lately I have been experimenting with much bolder ties and so far this orange number from Andrew’s ties has been quite warm to my wardrobe, It’s bold but not in a desperate manner. I love the way it bounces off the blue but yet remains soft when the beige chinos come into play.

IMG_7109  john lewis menswear  allen coleman bloggerjacket by John Lewis. shirt by TM LEWIN . Tie by Andrew’s Ties. Chinos by by johnston & murphy.Pocket square by Le Shop


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