bag_05b76fc0-67fc-4992-941b-a457a72e640b_1024x1024This Beautiful 100+ year old (hard to find!) rust colored canvas salvaged  from a World War 1 era duffel bag has been transformed into a sturdy every day carryall that i would gladly shove a stranger just to get my hands on.Fully lined with brown cotton canvas, this beautiful bag from FORESTBOUND can easily hold everything you need during the day or for a weekend away. Two large inner pockets can comfortably fit a wallet, ipod, phone, etc.This bag is surely  one to get beaten around to perfection, and that’s if not already there. I love the rugged aesthetic that this piece carries so well,discoloration of the fabric is the result of many years of natural wear and aging, the  tote bag has never looked this manly. I know all the totes will definitely roar at the fact that if I had the chance to stick to one bag till the good lord returned this won’t be too far from the first choice.bag4_48b389ef-1ca4-4ac3-8076-d316bcd446b8_1024x1024


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