IMG_6777 I haven’t been shooting out of ‘’blog mode’’ for awhile and that’s mainly because I haven’t taken up any serious projects since AFRICA SKATES. Lucky for me my new muse has broken the hiatus, meet Lola. I love shooting subjects that don’t need bathroom breaks or don’t pick up their phones when you call, and Lola here is nothing like the ordinary muse. I found her under of crap of nothings whiles thrifting and her facial expression just held me captive. I have decided to create life around lola with my camera until she grows a more content facial expression. Her eternal supermodel pose and facial expression is going to make this project an exciting one.

Thank you for reading.

Photographed by Allen A. Coleman


7 responses to HI LOLA, NUDES TO MEET YA

  1. I love your photography! : ) You’re really artistic. thanks for the inspiration.
    p.s. check out my art/fashion blog, konnikim.wordpress.com : D

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