Ever since I purchased this two button jacket from FIORAVANTE I have worn it with the same light blue shirt and solid navy tie every single time  it absents itself from my the rack of suit s. I hate uniforms but this ensemble is one I might never get tired of. The blue palette that the tie, shirt and pants form complements this crusty brown jacket so well it makes it hard for me to pair it with anything else. I might experiment with other pieces later but for now I am totally fine with this uniform of mine, it’s built to last I tell you.

IMG_5969  IMG_5936  IMG_5964  IMG_6037lJacket by Fiovarante. shirt by TM LEWIN .Tie by Andrew’s tie collection. shoes by Johnston & Murphy . Book by Jerry I. Porras and James C. Collins.


2 responses to BUILT TO LAST

  1. Love the cut of the pants. Love love love. I can see why its a staple of your fashion run. If you ever decide to go another direction a light purple shirt and saturated tie would rck as well

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