IMG_5847My love for menswear is not a secret, even if it was my work wardrobe would be a dead giveaway. I love the traditional color code menswear sticks to, it’s simple and elegant, something I find too hard to resist. I love strolling into the office in skirts but there is something I find very powerful about a woman owning a well tailored pair of pants and shirt. Pairing pink with grey has always been one of my favorite nicks from the menswear code book, it’s quintessentially British, and that conveniently hits close to home. IMG_5820  IMG_5839  IMG_5834  IMG_5837  IMG_5829

2 responses to PINKY & THE GREY

  1. Oh, now I know exactly what to do. I’ve been spending the past few days thinking, how on earth am i to find workwear that I actually like?? I don’t mind skirts.. but I hate all the women’s shirts that are way too fitted. I need them tailored, not fitted. This is a brilliant idea!

  2. I remember when my hair was this short, i kinda want to cut it al off again now. Growing up I was a tom boy, so i really like this outfit!

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