IMG_5661About a month ago I bought two waist coats on impulse whiles thrifting and today I am honestly mad at myself for missing out on this piece of garment for so long. I have never fancied a full three piece suit, and its simply because I find it rather stiff than elegant, but in the case of an odd vest I couldn’t agree more,that this piece of garment definitely knows how to throw a touch of piñache into an ensemble.IMG_5777  IMG_5760  IMG_5796  IMG_5802This is my second DIY bracelet, I love the process of making these accessories that I know won’t be seen anywhere but on my wrist. I made my first bracelet with the hardware from a horse bit loafer, this one is the child of a luggage tag and a button from an old Gucci jacket that has lost its place in my wardrobe. It feels like a second watch and acts as a brilliant stopper for my lengthy shirt sleeves.IMG_5686  IMG_5804 Jacket by Hugo Boss.Shirt by TM LEWIN. Bag by Prada.Shoes by Bostonian. DIY bracelet. Thrifted Silk Camo pocket square.


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