IMG_5332Bat Cave (bhat-Kay-ve)·[noun] a secluded hideout where you know the bar tenders by  name, allowed  to stroll in during closed hours and the Wi-Fi automatically connects when you are in the parking lot.I am wearing one of my favorite jackets from Reiss, this jacket is cut so well I find it pretty hard going a week without a double rotation, yes double. Most men will probably swear it’s impossible to find a decent suit off the rack but in the rare case of Reiss I style to differ. This jacket is by far the only off the rack suit that hasn’t seen a tailor since I bought it, it really fits that well.IMG_5351  IMG_5276  IMG_5279  IMG_5262  IMG_5396  IMG_5348Jacket by Reiss, shirt by TM LEWIN, trousers by lancetti , bag by PRADA, laceup shoes by Johnston & Murphy, thrifted pocket square

5 responses to THE BAT CAVE

  1. mishkinz

    luxury , old-school and it’s finest, you certainly feel surroundings better with such a perfect sharp outfit

  2. evelenmargaret

    Hi:) I have nomin you for the WordPress Family Award.

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