The brown suit is unapologetic-ally slept-on in the world of menswear, and its mainly because a only a few men know what exactly to do with this staple of suiting. A few years a go by virtue of my addiction to sale reductions I picked up a brown suit that went on to become a surprising favorite, a fortunate stroke of serendipity that i have grown to appreciate the more with each wear. With no vents this single breasted suit affords a slimmer look, but the restrictive movement can be such a an annoying price to pay.This brown two button suit from Taylor& Wright settles into my addiction of pairing my browns with my blues and it’s also the easiest way to stand out in the coffee room.


Can a man have enough solid navy blue ties? Yes, when he gets to his 2,000th pair in every shade there is. I love solid ties, especially my navy ties; they more than come in handy when I need that stroke of solid on a patterned suit or shirt.

Suit by Taylor & Wright, Tie by Thomas pink, Shoes by Johnston & Murphy, Vintage pocket square, wallet by Gucci


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