Meet my new best friend Trevor; yes I name my all jackets, even the bad ones. Before this beautiful piece of cloth came into my life I had my own doubts about linen, though I am mostly in the tropics the thought of a creased suit coupled with my ignorance about how the fabric draped, it’s safe to say all the linen talk missed me. Once again the universe has set itself up to prove me wrong, I love this jacket, on my first wear I realized the inevitable, I am going to wear this jacket till the lapels fall off. This is my first linen jacket so I am not going yap like I have read the linen bible, until I do this beautiful navy piece from john Lewis will have to hold the fort.

_MG_8352  _MG_8372  _MG_8410

I just picked up on wearing braces, I am in love with the way they strap you in, it almost feels like wearing flight suit with less buckles but with  elegance. I accidentally inherited this piece after a client I was styling for turned it down. Now thanks to this blessing in disguise I am thinking of going full throttle of amassing a few gems for my own personal collection.

_MG_8388  _MG_8396  _MG_8405

Button down oxford Shirt by Club Monaco , Linen jacket by John Lewis, Pants by John Dunn, Tassel loafers by Johnston & Murphy


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