IMG_9857The Music Satchel, a beautifully crafted leather satchel with a metallic bar handles at the closure. I picked this bag up a few years ago when TopmanUK started selling exclusive vintage revived Leather pieces via their online store. It was a no brainer for me with this bag, I didn’t know the history attached to it but the design simply floored me, I had to have it. The Music Satchel bag was initially purposed to carry music sheet but the world moves on, goes digital and these bags are now home to iPads, Mac Airs and meeting notes. A few years in, and this bag still gets the ’oos and aahs’ in the boardroom. I f you are on the lookout for something a little subtle but classy for the boardroom then the music satchel is right up your lane.

Allen A. Coleman

   (the Editor)



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