Over the weekend Dita and I hit up the Saturday market to support and check out new goodies at one of my favorite vintage leather and accessories retailer Blossom and Wednesday. Apart from the goodies that we picked up we had tons of fun with Renata Q, the creative director and head curator of blossom and Wednesday. Thank you guys for having us, we had a swell time.

_MG_3740  _MG_3728  _MG_3693  _MG_3692  _MG_3723  _MG_3821  _MG_3814  _MG_3731  _MG_3840  _MG_3827  _MG_3760  _MG_3828


12 responses to SATURDAY MARKET!

  1. I like how y’all put your love ‘wantintin’ on display here. So cute and so refreshing.

    Those glasses are to die for.

  2. Stylefash25

    Beautiful pictures and loverly looking leather bags. In love with those scarves in the basket and Allen’s shirt i really like. Dita pls steal Allen’s shirt and style it, lets see how it would look on you…*evil grin*

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