IMG_3922I have been accused of taking my collection of ties too seriously and the truth be told I welcome that discovery with every sartorial joint in my body. I believe the neck tie is the mother of the magic touch when it comes to art of suiting, the right knot which I personally call the ‘’closer’’ never fails to seal the deal. A lot of men totally disregard the power role a tie plays; lunch time at work always cements this argument quite sadly. Instead of sitting in my room and gloating over my collection of ties I have decided to quit boring my girlfriend with my tie stories and channel them through a medium in hopes of inspiring others to see the tie as more than a corporate requirement but a cloth of elegance. IMG_3894I recently picked up this vibrant sunflower yellow wool tie from seaward and stern. I am usually not the one for to go pieces that scream for attention but this little flower had me at first dot, I love dotted ties and I have conveniently convinced myself my collection can’t have enough. Even though I reside in a very humid part of the world I still got this wool tie purely off the knotting abilities of a wool tie. Woolen ties knot well, unlike other ties they usually don’t need the casual check to set it in place. I am totally saving this beauty for a winter get away.  Don’t sleep on the photo skills bruh…( photo : allen coleman)


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