IMG_3297tie-dye t shirts, i am planning up on racking about 25 more of these babies before the year ends. I love how different every  one of them is,these were locally made so you should  know how precious these are to me. I bought one from the local arts market and went back to purchase the same but then i found out the patterns are all one offs. Because the prints  are done by hand  duplicating them is somewhat  difficult , amen. I have found my t-shirt heaven.

I have been wearing them with everything in my wardrobe since i started collecting them, i am even tempted to run a special series on my tie-dye journey.

IMG_3083  IMG_3096  IMG_3110  IMG_3444  IMG_3472    IMG_3062  IMG_3247

Lady Jaywah  ♫ Chillin ( produced by DJ Juls)

Location : Somewhere in Ghana, far away from the city

What is he wearing / tie die shirt, shorts by dickies , vintage sunglasses, tote bag by coach

What is she wearing/ Her boyfriend’s H&M undershirt, floral shorts by Blossom&Wednesday , vintage sunglasses


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