tumblr_mtadjfBwSK1qhohbvo1_1280Once the posts stop trickling in, you knows something is big is coming, insert grin here. I know I have been going on about shooting my first wedding for a hot minute and I thought you guys deserve to see a little bit of my work. I picked out this photo as the winner of my favorite photo battle simply because it makes me smile all the time. I hope all the photos I took take this couple down the same lane when they go through the photos I took. Shooting this couple was so fun, I think I am finally getting my head around the emotional roller coaster of capturing day that will live forever in some hearts, and it’s truly a blessing. I love the way the branches frame the subjects but what always takes the cake for me is the emotion, no lighting technique or photography can create emotion, it’s the magic of keeping it forever that makes this fun to do…peace !

photo : allen coleman


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