I feel very blessed to have someone whose style syncs with mine so effortlessly , too often me and Dita find ourselves in love with similar pieces which I totally blame on her love for menswear inspired clothing and fit. On the day of the festival, an oxford shirt and a pair of shorts seemed like the perfect easy-go outfit for the sunny afternoon, guess who showed up thinking the same.

IMG_2851 IMG_2854
On me: shirt by Ralph Lauren, shorts by dickies, shoes by Johnston & Murphy , tote bag by coach , vintage sunglasses // On Dita : shirt by Ralph Lauren , thrifted shorts, shoes by lorenzo banfi , sunglasses by blossom and Wednesday vintage exclusive.


15 responses to CREW LOVE

  1. So nice to (finally) see you both in one shot. Beautiful shots too. Especially love how in sync your minds clearly are.

    And now, something I (and I’m sure very many other frequent visitors here) have been curious about for the longest time… What is the relationship between you two? X_x

    • Ha! Thank you sir. We’ve been meaning to give you lot a photo of us together but it’s always so difficult to find someone to shoot us. Lol. Allen and Dita are a couple, we thought it was so obvious we didn’t have to say but I’m sure you already sussed that out.

      • Indeed, suss that out I have *jots new expression learned*. I have, however, come to hate that little act of ignorance called jumping to conclusions and so I decided to wait till it was made clear or the right opportunity to ask presented itself… which it finally did here.

        Y’all look good together πŸ™‚

  2. Stylefash25

    Finally, question playing in my head for ages answered…Phewww LOL. I was itching to ask when i sent in the interview questions but didn’t get round to it, maybe that shows i am just a blogger and not a reporter…hehehe.

    Love how both your styles compliment each other.

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