IMG_2491DITA’S.LAB.I love my clothes but I am partially addicted to the habit of stealing the show from the boys when I can. Girls have been jealous of the overwhelming scent of freedom in the man’s wardrobe for centuries, and the annoying thing is they look a tad bit better on us ( if you disagree kindly make yourself a cup of coffee and keep reading ). Blues and browns; nothing beats this classic preppy combo, it’s an automatic recipe for an elegant ensemble. I love club collar shirts and this one happens to be one of my all time favorite stolen goods (I don’t think I will ever see sunlight if Allen ever decides to put me on theft charges). I paired them with this cute boy shorts and my favorite Lorenzo Banfi fringe loafer. I love outfits that come together easily with comfort of course, and a pair of boy shorts and a shirt clearly does it for me.

IMG_2501 IMG_2521 IMG_2507 IMG_2519 IMG_2485photo : Allen Coleman


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