IMG_2352 I never thought I’d see the day that i’d admit  to myself that I want to collect enough vintage frames to  pass on to my kids with pride. I use to hate wearing them all through my teenage years until the boys stopped making fun and the girls started embracing the gentleman with the glasses on.Wearing prescription tells a little , you either short ,long  sighted or you have grandma sight with the little alphabets. Your choice frames on the other hands says more than a lot . Choosing a pair of frames I like picking out a life partner , whether you go in for acetate , plastic or metal the design and aesthetic in tandem with your facial structure makes this process almost a sacred ritual. I know a slew if gentlemen who basically go for the third pair of. frames that “looks ok” on them, it’s more of chore that ritual , but I can’t blame them , looking for a life partner involves patience and connection and that is a combination most people can barely afford . At  Robert La Roche only the most extraordinary acetates and high-quality glasses in the most beautiful tones make their classic  cut . I picked this out for a client , it gives me great joy helping my clients  find their perfect match . IMG_2365photo : Allen Coleman


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