mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-11 I absolutely love everything about Designers Yuichi Yoshiiand & Takeshi Osumi  MR. GENTLEMAN 2013 FALL/WINTER collection. This collection doesn’t come up short on anything, simple and cohesive, this is how a home run collection looks like. With Superb of work color and coordination , the play of dark rich colors with bold tones makes this collection more than a look book , this how color should work in a man’s wardrobe. The collection doesn’t stray from classic pieces yet still manages push the envelope with edge and grace. My favorite picks from lot would have to be the powder biker jacket and 4 x 1 double breasted jacket with the  pair of shorts , simply genius .mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-17  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-8  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-13  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-31  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-9  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-28  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-16  mr-gentleman-2013-fall-winter-lookbook-2

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