IMG_0874 I am proud of myself, a few years ago, I wouldn’t entertain the thought of print pants in my wardrobe, now I practically adore them so much that my initial dislike for them would seem unbelievable. Yet, I am still learning to be a bit more adventurous with my clothes in a very toned down way. Solid pieces are my go-to when it comes to playing loud pieces; their ability to form a perfect backdrop for prints is uncanny. I try as much as possible when I can to steer away from obviously loud colored prints. Being desperate with your clothing in my opinion kills elegance.


IMG_0961Every man should start their wardrobe with bold pieces. I love my subtly patterned ties and jackets, they look solid from a distance but utterly interesting with texture and pattern up close. This three button Ermenigildo Zegna jacket is my latest wardrobe addition, I’m so taken with the Zegna cut when it comes to the three button stance , this is definitely far from my last addition of these genius play of cloth and cut .
IMG_0972Three button Navy jacket by E. Zegna,Plaid pants by Penguin Originals,Shirt by Tm Lewin,Full vamp loafers by Johnston & Murphy


8 responses to IN WITH THREE

  1. Ambitious White

    You Look great! Explore with your style, it offers the greatest expression of Authenticity.

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