IMG_0008   Something amazing happens every time I ask God to pick out an outfit for me. This two button single breast   jacket has been catching dust in my wardrobe for a hot minute and i figured a sunny  Sunday would be perfect for this mint flavored girl to come out and play. A white shirt, solid or better yet  a  subtly patterned dark tie  , a pair of navy pants and a spit shine pair of  brown or oxblood shoes ; this ladies and gentlemen is the solution to almost every “naughty” jacket in your wardrobe . The white shirt gives way to a beautiful contrast against the solids by way of the tie and the pants , basically creating a color palette that will simply accommodate patterned and odd colored suits. The pocket square in my side pocket is a little something i picked up just to avoid the obvious , its slowly becoming my thing now. IMG_0016-2lIMG_0051  (photo: Dita)

15 responses to THE MINT CONNECTION

  1. Stylefash25

    Really love whole look, mint looks so good on you 🙂 Like the man purse and what you did with your pocket square.

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