I know I should be hitting the park with my t shirt drenched in sweat in these pretty runners but I honestly can’t seem to go as far as my kitchen without them on my feet. The internet has been going bonkers on performance running shoes as the new black for a minute now but I wasn’t having it till this gray Nike free 3.0 started chipping my disapproval away with every look of admiration. These sneakers are comfortable! They are yet to hit the treadmill but judging by the obvious level of comfort and form, this baby is a certified double agent.

IMG_9923 Army shirt by mckneal ,green chinos by ralph lauren, tote bag by coach, sneakers by nike


7 responses to NIKE FREE 3.0

  1. Since I pretty much lived in my New Balance 993s growing up, I’ve always been a big fan of grey tennies paired with comfy, casual outfits like this. Love, love, LOVE it!

  2. I’ve always said athletic gear is for athletics.. but daaamn I’m so close to buying some Frees. They look so good with those cuffed chinos!

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