IMG_9807Wedding etiquette rule number one ; never steal the show from the groom . Rule number two, you were invited for a reason, dress the part. I have noticed the weddings have become the official shooting range for the big guns in the wardrobe , people tend to go overboard or hit it right just enough to make you think of doing the same. I am all for the big guns done right but unfortunately I am more of 38 COLT SPECIAL tucked in the sock type of guy. I went with the classic shawl lapel jacket and a patent tassel loafer with a patterned bow tie and sunny yellow for the cherry. The bow tie , if you are the type that thinks the black bow tie is too boring then you should have an eye out for subtly patterned bow ties in dark hues ,you get to bend the rule without breaking it . The pocket square, I figured since the rest of the outfit was toned down it wouldn’t hurt to get a little attention from my little sunny yellow pocket square.

IMG_9791suit by Daks London, shirt by TM LEWIN, Vintage bow tie, Vintage pocket square, shoes by Johnston & Murphy

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