IMG_6532I can’t seem to pin down the transition from how I use to hate bow ties to thinking going to a wedding or black tie event without one is an abomination. You are probably wondering what the fuss is over this newly picked bow tie , well  is what a product photographer does with every new toy, immortalize it and then wear the living dapper out of it. I am not a full blown bow tie guy but for the moment I have changed my view on how uppity it is, I simply adore the master of all finishing touches. There is just something about knotting a self tie bow tie and catching the last glimpse of yourself as you walk away from the mirror. I am shooting my first wedding tomorrow and I have no plans of half stepping to the event. Wish me favor, thank you for reading.IMG_6518

photo : allen coleman


3 responses to ”DAVID BOWIE”

  1. I’m slightly appalled that anyone could dislike a bow tie, but I’m glad that you’ve changed your mind!!! Haha! I really like the photos in this post, such a creative way to present a bow tie 🙂

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