Isn’t this beautiful? Another gem from my ongoing project dubbed the ‘’THE JOURNEY OF THE AFRICAN SARTORIAL’’. A man dances with date at black tie event with a dashing dinner jacket and a perfectly done up bow-tie. Circa 1950’s the biggest crowd magnets were dance events, in the midst of the confused touch to the other side of the world through  colonial masters a new sound and lifestyle  by the name of “high-life” was born .From 1920’s to the 50’s the educated lot of the Ghanaian social circle popularized ballroom dancing mainly for the elite black audience. These dance events may have turned out to be the biggest the influence the presence of British colonial masters had on the social lives of the 1950’S Ghanaian that trickled down from music to a complete lifestyle. The popularity of these dance sessions made dressing up for them an event on its own, one that has clearly lost its hold on today’s society. it is said that those who stood outside where these events were held ,clearly denied entrance due to their status in the social circle referred to the lifestyle and later the music as ‘’high-life’’. ( ‘’THE JOURNEY OF THE AFRICAN SARTORIAL’’ by Allen Coleman )



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