Unicorns And Bullet Wounds


I know I have been slacking with my menswear posts lately but please forgive me I have to share this with you before we go back to regular schedule. I love this collection , dubbed KITSCHAI  by London bred and Lagos based Nigerian designer Andrea Ushedo , the collection boats  a lot elements  but they cohesively form a very aesthetic appeal . I am not a fan of the generic “leather everything” trend but I humbly appreciate its obvious inspiration in the collection, the large zippers on the jumpsuit is my personal favorite. The tie and dye print can’t seem to make up its mind as to whether it’s here to stay or not , I see it creeping back into a lot of collections , it’s presence here is very much appreciated . Most African inspired collections don’t do the abstract lane too well so I have to say I am impressed with Andrea Ushedo’s brave hands. READ THE  EXCLUSIVE FWST INTERVIEW AFTER THE JUMP


FWST/ what was your main inspiration for this collection?

Andrea Ushedo / My main inspiration was the African safari. I recently moved to Lagos after living my entire life in London, and I’ve been travelling around Africa, it opened my eyes to different shapes and cultures. 

FWST/ Tell me a little bit about the thought process that went into the selection of fabric and print

 Andrea Ushedo / The prints I just fell in love with, seeing them hand dyed and woven was amazing! I had no idea what prints I wanted, until I saw them being be created and take shape in front of my very own eyes, made me fall in love unexpectedly. The jumpsuit is made from a Black polyethylene fabric, it’s almost like a thin nylon PVC.


FWST/ I have noticed that a lot of African designers often shy away from abstract let alone nail it, explain your bravery.

Andrea Ushedo / In regards to the abstract feel the collection has, was unintentional. I just saw it as creating Art so I illuminated the aspect of creating just clothes. I saw it as pieces to cover the body, so there were no restrictions and it opened up my mind in ways I couldn’t imagine.

IMG_9442-Edit  IMG_9536-Edit  IMG_9498-Edit  IMG_9669-Edit


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