IMG_0933Considering my strong street wear background it took  a lot of sartorial mistakes and a thousand trips to the tailors to get it right , so when the time came to commission my first bespoke suit , I was all too excited to embark on this  sartorial journey  . One lesson I picked up from numerous trips to the tailors is that THE TAILOR IS NOT A MAGICIAN , just think of him as your fairy God father , he is there to grant your wishes WITH YOUR HELP. Most people leave all the creative decisions to the tailor , fortunately I am to hands on to let that happen. I opted for a two-button single breasted grey suit  with slightly exaggerated lapels and functioning sleeve buttons.I was satisfied with the end product not over the top excited . Every tailor has a distinctive style , it’s best to do some research as to whether this style suits your sartorial demand.This tailoring house has been operating before I was Born but I wasn’t prepared to let my guard down on my first bespoke suit .End of story, I can proudly say with all confidence this is the best suit that tailoring house has ever made .
IMG_0922  IMG_1027  IMG_1018  IMG_1013  IMG_0991l As men all over are being  been held aesthetically hostage by  the double monk strap shoes , the single monk strap has slowly been creeping into the hearts of men across the world . I love the the conservative -cool factor about the single monk strap , it’s a perfect go-to choice for the conservative corporate look .IMG_1005suit by Dan Morton , shirt by TM Lewin , Tie by TM Lewin , Vintage silk pocket square , single monk strap courtesy of a wooden memory store ♣


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