The three button suit has always been tagged as the traditional suit, but my sartorial ignorance for the longest of time has rendered it a taboo in a well dressed mans wardrobe, little did I know I was missing out on the classic of all classics.  The ‘’three two roll ‘’ as the world of menswear affectionately call the three button suit whose lapels roll down to the middle button almost rendering the top button useless, is slowly picking up heat in wardrobes all over including mine. Like most men who fancy the three button suit, the love affair is in the way the lapels roll to the middle button. I personally didn’t get it till I got my hands on this thrifted E Zegna 3 button suit, I love the symmetry of a 3-roll-2, it sets a man apart from the usual 2-button suit.. My initial attraction to this jacket was its denim like appearance, even though the sizing was a little off, the soft fabric had a drape that couldn’t be looked over on my first try. For a long time the three button suit has been a no-no but this new addition has definitely turned me around. ♣ IMG_9471  IMG_9547  IMG_9557  IMG_9527

Three button suit by E.  Zegna , shirt by TM Lewin , Knit tie by Moda , pants by Lancetti , Brogues by Bostonian

photo by Dita



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