IMG_8810   Before I started my new desk job I commissioned a couple of bespoke suits that due to some creative changes took  longer than it should have , this late arrival turned out to be a sartorial blessing in disguise . My handicapped wardrobe shoved me politely into experimenting with old pieces just to get by , luckily for me I didn’t know the beautiful art of sporting odd jackets as sport jackets was awaiting a young gentleman. This Grey double breasted jacket reels in the good vibes without fail  every time it gets pulled out .IMG_8794  I recently found these vintage sunglasses and even though it bears no brand name the quality is surprisingly amazing , it’s 60’s vibe makes it hard to leave at home .  IMG_8852    Flysepticon , that’s my middle name . I got this lapel pin when I turned full robot .    IMG_8846    Well worn-in shoes and tailored clothes , my addiction . I love the character on this vintage lace up pair , the obvious discoloration from years of polish and wear leaves a charming trace of character .DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER MENSWEARthank you for reading .

photo by Dita



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