Bonastre24HrsBrown2The tote bag is steadily placing its feet in the heart of menswear , and that means more face lifts and ton of happy faces to go with that . I love this bag from designer Fernando Bonastre, the thought of placing freshly laundered clothes in this for a trip makes me want to plan a vacation. I love tote bags with structure; they make it easier to set down without falling over so easily and also don’t give a sneak preview to your contents. This handcrafted beauty looks like one for the terminals, this is definitely a keeper in the luggage section . ♣Bonastre24HrsBrown4

Handcrafted in Spain and designed by Parisian based designer Fernando Bonastre, the 24 Hours Bag showcases modern elegance in travel. Using the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers and painted edges; the bag’s design is distilled to a pure and architectural simplicity. Nothing is over-designed and only the essentials in hardware are present. Italian Alce hardware and Raccagni zippers are used to achieve its pristine look.



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