IMG_6745  I am yet to do a 60mph in my dream car through my drive through wardrobe , until then my goal is to get the most out of every addition I make to it . When it gets to getting the most miles out of an outfit the suit matters the most , most guys  generally buy suits with a specific purpose or occasion in mind  and that is honestly another way of limiting the versatility of your wardrobe  . Stash a print shirt right in the middle of your old work suit and  bang , things start smelling all new . Turning your formal wear around into a more casual terrain is the best way to keep people guessing if you really have a drive through wardrobe . This is my got to outfit , it works wonders , less trend desperate and more like an edgy make over of a classic .♣

IMG_6816  tip : if you are going for the print shirt and suit combo be advised to keep the suit less patterned or loud to let the pint shirt stand out . IMG_6742

suit by lancetti , shirt by tom tailor , loafers by hush puppies , hat by kwameadjaye  (shop here )

photos by Dita



  1. jonathanochart

    That shirt is awesome – Tom Tailor always makes nice prints. I have a blue/white floral button up from that brand and I love it. Thanks for sharing!


  2. TheKaliedoscope

    that print shirt really gave the suit a clean look and that pocket square is the truth !! Love them loafers too!! it just completes the outfit

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