The Return Of The Gentleman ♣ The REVAMPED SUIT pt. 2


I am slowly turning into guy who wears a tie  during the weekends and I’m loving it. I am getting warm to the idea of dressing up in my element no matter the occasion. i love suits, and it might sound too far fetched to sport one with a tie after a week of work but trust me there is nothing that takes you from day to night like a casual formal attire. The grey suit is one of the versatile pieces a man can have in his wardrobe . The navy blue jacket gets all the attention but I figured touching on the sleeping giant for a hot minute would do some good to arouse the aesthetic around a perfect fitting grey jacket. I paired this single breasted reiss jacket with my favorite Levi’s denim and decided to shift all the attention to my pocket square with a toned  down tie. I figured adding a pair of sneakers would seal the weekend look and it did, now I can move from a weekend breakfast meeting to dinner.IMG_5979
IMG_6030tote bag by coach , shirt by thomas pink , grey jacket by reiss , denim pants by levi’s , sneakers by converse , tie by little woods , vintage pocket square.


8 responses to The Return Of The Gentleman ♣ The REVAMPED SUIT pt. 2

  1. I love this concept. I think remaining true to who you are truly exudes style. Men of a certain age should be comfortable transitioning into a debonair feel of their own and the suit, in which ever form, definitely captures that, Love this look by the way.

  2. Kendra

    I love this! Your ability to makes classics look more refreshing is uncanny . Dope style blog

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