The Return of The Gentleman Ω REVAMPING THE OLD SUIT

sample one It’s been a hot  minute since I wrote an editorial on suiting so I decided to pen one on the best kept secrets  in the everyday mans corporate wardrobe .
Using you suit jacket from your work wardrobe  as a sports jacket  is a perfect way to spring some new life into your old suits and  also score some new looks out of them. I am not going to drop a bible on how to mix and coordinate  with a conservative work wardrobe  but I sincerely hope I start making you look at your suits differently . I figured the grey jacket paired with black pants would be the best suited candidates since they form the basics of almost all suit collections . The best way to jump into mix and matching for that sports jacket look suits is to simply stick to solid color suits and stay mindful of your contrast when it comes to color  . Solid colored suits makes it easier to pull off and also conservative enough to boldly stroll through the office . Start by pairing your neutrals with your solid dark colors , they give off that perfect contrast  . They key is to score the contrast between the pants and the jacket , once that is out of the way only a bad taste in shirting can throw you off . Start with the basics and build your own look! ♣


The TV fold  Pocket square
Unless your office location doesn’t have access to the elevator I suggest you stick to the flat fold when it comes how to sport your pocket square to work . I see a lot of gentlemen jumping straight into every single  type of fold once they catch the pocket square fever , this is perfectly fine if you still havn’t discovered the wonderful effect of the flat fold on a suit . I recommend the flat fold for the office , it compliments the clean lines of your suit and it doesn’t make you come off as trying too hard . Feel free to fold your patterned silk pocket squares if you want to raise the bar just high enough to show who’s boss even though your office door  doesn’t say so. _MG_9507

Grey suit by REISS , shirt by Simon Carter , silk knit tie by Moda , Black trousers by topman uk , tie clip by calvin klein , Satchel courtesy of a Wooden Memory Vintage store, shoes by SDM 

speacial thanks to Quarets Photography and my in house graphic designer @ayigbegirl


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