IMG_5244  ♣ I been running this blog with Dita for a hot minute and the one thing I admire is her ability to own an outfit . With time it gets confusing when it boils  down  to the subject of her comfort zone . her approach to her sneakers is just as effortless when it comes strutting in a pair of heels .  We have been thrifting for awhile now but for some strange reason we have never really come across any super casual pieces like these high waist shorts . These shorts were a favorite in the 50’s and  i think they are spot-on hybrid of dita’s appreciation for both women and menswear . Dita is sporting the ”ENGLISH IS MY SECOND LANGUAGE” T shirt by citinz .6622598301_22f51de9a4_b

IMG_5266wriiten by allen coleman

photos by allen coleman


6 responses to Dita’s LAB ♣ STYLE IS MY SECOND LANGUAGE

  1. I will keep watching you 🙂 I must say you have a pretty awesome blog here. I get bored easy so this helps me keep my mind occupied Thanks for enlightening me. But never had any spare time to do what you do i always had a passion for this. Keep up the good work.

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