The Cole+Kid Journal ♣ Bespoken

_MG_9715After years picking suits off the rack I finally put an order in for a bespoke suit. This is going to be my first bespoke suit so excuse my excitement if i get annoying. I am very passionate when it comes to the subject of suits, I believe my personality shows the most through my clothing when it involves a suit. With all the effort I have been putting into my off rack suit to resemble a bespoke one I finally got the chance to sit down with a real tailor to knock it out the park. I commissioned two single wide notch lapel suits in solid navy and grey, both single breasted with functioning sleeve buttons . I couldn’t take enough photos on my first fitting but I promise to fill you in on the sweet details on my next one.♣_MG_9709I was out in my daily uniform; a white shirt paired with dark tone pants and the latest favorite on my shoe rack. Dita ,as always in her denim shirt element and menswear leather tote.
_MG_9738photo credit  : D. cole


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