tailfeather-fw12-whimbrel-black-1I have been a proud bag tote bag addict for a whole year and in all honesty this Tailfeather Whimbrel Tote bag takes the cherry. The unisex appeal of the tote bag makes it difficult to stumble on pieces that  bold and sleek traits tailored for a man’s wardrobe , this bag skates that road easily . Constructed from top-grain Italian leather, and supported by reinforcing leather strips that extend beyond the bag to become straps. The hand stitching becomes an aesthetic design element as well as a structural component. Inside the grand main compartment there is several features, including an individual pocket for your purse, a pocket for your phone, pen-pockets, and a clip-on key-ring strap that will keep your keys exactly where you can find them. If you are type that likes to carry their whole office space with them on the weekend this is your girl. ♣ SHOP herewhimbrel_brn_ls_1024x1024



  1. jonathanochart

    I love a good carry-all! Thanks for sharing – that brown bag has a lovely color (;

    – Jonathan

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