_MG_7799 If there is one thing I regret not doing its not storming through lecture halls looking like I was related to the Kennedys. The preppy look is considered very American  but it’s no secret that  gentlemen around the globe appreciate the aesthetic around it. The preppy look is very classy with a healthy twist youthful edge; it’s actually the only terrain that I adore the use of loud colors. I am not a fun of too much color in a man’s wardrobe but I appreciate the use of loud colors here, it’s not blocked but fused, that means it’s paired with dark and earthy tomes which I find very mature and edgy. ♣_MG_7898Most men get very emotional when it comes to which side to button the double breasted blazer, don’t you think life is long enough not to worry something like that? I personally have buttons placed on both sides so I have to the luxury of buttoning the either to the left or right. I honestly don’t see the fuss about a rule that has no ground in functionality. _MG_7822l_MG_7891I use to hate loud colors in any form of ensemble until I fell in love with how elegant they are when paired with muted and earthy  colors.
_MG_7870 shirt by TM LEWIN , tie by TM LEWIN , double breasted blazer by CHRISTIAN DIOR , socks by MrPRICE ,shoes by Johnston & Murphy.



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