IMG_5107 I have been meaning to share one of my most eye opening experiences this year via three gentlemen who go by the name of boys of Soweto . Before the morning of the day we did this shoot Soweto was just another painted town  for me . As ignorant as it sounds Soweto never gets past the image of the  apartheid and its infamous riots , everything seems to stop right there for most people . I walked into this town totally blind  and left with both eyes gleaming . The warm feeling that grounds this town left me  tired from turning every corner to take a photo . Shooting these gentlemen was a highlight for me , and I am definitely doing a another tour back there very soon .  

IMG_4867“This is how the guys we looked up to growing up dressed , they commanded respect with just the way they looked, i wanted to channel that look’today ”IMG_4876
IMG_4912 IMG_4908
IMG_4944  IMG_5026
IMG_5152 IMG_5125
  All photos  by Allen Coleman

4 responses to LENS LIFE ♣ SOWETO COMING

  1. cloglo

    love this…especially the last shot linking the current style of revealed undergear…

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