IMG_2431-2 Classic doesn’t meant old , simple doesn’t mean easy . Looking back on my green days when I first stepped into the paradigm of menswear.  I casually regret not sticking to the rule most men ignore; sticking to the basics . I was fortunate enough to embrace this rule quickly after a couple of fuchsia pink ties and high sheen pocket squares interfered with my life force. Thank God  for mistakes. After my style slip I went back to the basics;Classic means tried and tested ,  And this is where the basics come in . The grey suit and dark tie will  forever remain an iconic combo in menswear for one obvious reason, it has started and saved a lot of marriages . Accessorized with a white shirt gives off the perfect back drop to an amazing contrast that compliments almost every skin tone . ♣  
IMG_2448-3   Style experts will advise you never to keep the buttons of your double breasted blazer undone , even though I stand by this, there are always exceptions . The kick about bubble gum sticking to rules and advise is that you tend to miss out on the exceptions which always come out more interesting . I found this 50’s double breasted blazer by Gucci in a thrift store in Johannesburg and after a couple of trips to the tailors’ i actually  prefer to wear it to hang than buttoned . The arm hole was taken in enough to still give off that v shape even when it hangs , and it scraps the task of buttoning or unbuttoning when you stand or sit . Leave it to me , I will face the consequences of breaking the rule , I hope they serve mango wherever law breakers are kept .IMG_2509 DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER BY GUCCI , SHIRT BY SIMON CARTER , TIE BY HUGO BOSS , CHINOS BY JAYJAYS , TOE CAP BROGUES BY ALLEN EDMONDS 




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