We decided to bring you the approved freshwallstreet picks from the recently held Ghana fashion week instead leaving you to painfully skim through tons of photos looking for gold , the gold is right here . Only a few fashion houses had cohesive collections that stood out strong as a whole , and so instead letting you  endure the pain of not so inspiring walks down the runway I picked out the pieces that personally stood  out of me , let’s get it . ♣

Nigerian based fashion house  ORANGE CULTURE managed o splash color all over the runway , the collection was  a bit reminiscent of  Ozwald boateng’s signature use of bright neon colors . All the same the print pants in the collection caught my eye with light print play and bold colors, genius.

This kente print purse from Ghanaian based Accessory line CONFIDENCE stood out well for me . This is such a refreshing break from all the African print inspired clutches and bags that rarely use leather or breaking the box and re-inventing a classic such as the clutch purse.

Ghanaian based fashion house LOVE APRIL had the first cut of love for the night but my camera decided to have a moment to her so I couldn’t document the collection as I wished. I see so much promise in this new brand.all photos |



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