VINTAGE 80'S FASHIONWho yells out ‘’ooooh this is my jam’’ and starts dancing right in the middle of street style photo session when they hear their favourite song tearing the door from a pub right across the street? Onion does . I fell in love with onion’s outfit the moment my eyes clocked her ensemble, from her sweater to her boots , up to the way her hat added character , i was sold . Onion is an aspiring fashion designer and a warm  fire cracker(Her bbm status currently reads ‘’i love cows, is that okay?’’) , be kind to check out her tumblr blog when you can .

”The first thing i clock in a man’s outfit are his  pants , the he wears them tells a lot .”_Onion

 ”Back in the day Will Smith and 80s hip hop inspires me when it comes to my style”_Onion ”if i had to take my friend from mars shopping I’d buy watch it a watch first , cause i never know what time it is ”_Onion


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