When I take to the streets on my photo walks my spider senses are basically on the lookout for character in clothing and a smile, warm enough to bring a cold a cup of tea back to life. After a dry long walk I bumped into Dindi, sporting a smile with enough heat to warm two cups of tea and more than enough character to swing her frame into my view finder.

”I draw from a myriad of style influences – designers, music, culture – for different reasons but the best style is always self taught. That’s why often times fashion doesn’t say much about the person,  style on the other hand always says a lot .” Dindi

‘”All my clothes are very comfortable…Comfort & utility are important considerations for me when it comes to my wardrobe ” Dindi N.
“Great & pretty underwear is a must! I think  much of what’s reflected outside begins on the inside…” Dindi N.

photo| allen coleman

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