lIf I was asked what I would most often not leave the house without, it would definitely be my snood scarf. Snood carves are hands down my favorite type of scarves, and it has been my go to item whenever the weather gets chilly. Initially worn by women, this tabular scarf has gone on to become a staple with both genders through time, which is not surprising with its functionality and easy to wear qualities. It’s the perfect accessory if you are the type that is not too fussy about scarf knots and its politics, and the best part is its snuggly and pretty much keeps you warm around the neck. I just picked a chunky knitted one from h&m and my mum hasn’t seen my neck in two weeks. Make sure you go for the chunky and comfortable ones, get the functionality and the look . ♣

Original german army shirt (thrifted), baseball cap by Mr price , snood scarf by h&m, pants by LEVI’S,brogues by SLM , bag by connie island ( trianwreck vintage store | coming soon) , watch by  nautica , t shirt by photographers r us .

Additional photos are not the  property of freshwallstreet . com


Respond to the COLE+KID JOURNAL ♣ SNOOD!

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