When it comes to the subject of boots I don’t really go past  a pair of 6’’ inch timberland boots , that use to be my stand until I layed eyes on these Nico boots from the brand ZURiiCH courtesy of the KIPH at the neighbor goods market  . This leather upper, stitched leather sole with the wooden stacked heel is a perfect wardrobe addition for me. My problem with adding any other pair of boots to my wardrobe was that I was fine with the classic and rugged build of the timberland construction boots, but to add another pair meant it had to bring a whole new direction to my wardrobe and this slim and minimalistic trait of the Zuriich boots makes it a winner. Its slim built is going to make it a winner tailored clothes , and I see it breaking in perfectly to give off that rugged dark brown that a perfect dark wash pair  denim or khaki chinos would be honored to settle on. ♣SHOP THE NICO BOOTS HERE  

PHOTO| allen coleman



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