You might  say society is mean but anything that looks sloppy doesn’t get too far these days, and if the image in your mirror is  nothing like the photo above then that’s two steps an hour in a formal environment for you, yes that’s your speed. ♣

Ever since I stepped into the world of suiting I have stuck to what I call the three kings , this basically highlights  the key  elements of looking ‘’good’’ in a suit whether off the rack or bespoke . These tips obviously play a bigger part if you suit fits (shoulders and chest) , but we are not here to talk about fit but the three things that make off the rack suits look like the cousin of a bespoke suit .

1st KING  ♣ Sleeves and shirt ratio | You have probably heard or read a million times that your suit sleeve should allow a ¼ to ½ inch of your shirt to show , well this is going to be the million and one time . The sleeve of your suit is suppose to end at your wrist bone , this gives your shirt enough room to bring that pop to the whole look. Not wearing your sleeve correct is almost like not finishing a good story , we don’t want to guessing if you are sporting a short sleeve or long sleeve under there , and it it is so good on the eye . (google any photo of cary grant right now and pay attention to his sleeve and shirt ratio…every photo)Solution| you can send every suit in your wardrobe right now to take the sleeves in at the tailors . All he or she will do is take in the length of your suit from the shoulder till it hits your  wrist bone with your hands hanging .

2ND KINGHOW YOUR PANTS BREAK We all hate that Monday morning image of your desk with stacks of work sitting ugly and waiting for you, yes that image your pants give off if you wear yours like pictured below . A suit comes to life when it lives off cleans lines and pants that gather just look sloppy and complementing at all. Some brave men actually break their pants so high you don’t have to see them walk to get a view of their socks , but since we are not going for brave we will stick to the standard break , that is breaking your pants exactly where your shoes start (like pictured above ) . This is one of the key elements that gives a suit a very sharp and clean look .Take your pants to tailors and have it  break at your ankle or just where your pants hit your shoes.

3rd King The pocket square ( the above  photo is from a renowned menswear line , but why this model is not sporting a pocket square beats me ). You don’t leave home without your wallet so why would you sport a suit without a pocket square .If the idea of a pocket square sounds like too much of an effort to you just try a simple white fold pocket square , it’s the perfect place to start if you want to look like you turned down the opportunity to play james bond . ♣



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