Dan Van Zyl from one of the dopest shoe brands in south Africa  by name of KIPH  earned himself an instant  fan the very first day I run into him .I appreciate style from almost all angles but nothing sticks to me more than the classic quintessential gentleman , whom some might say is very traditional and not adventurous ,  but in the times of people trying to push the envelope rather just mailing the letter these men have become rare . I am not against the boundary pushing and the healthy mix of style out there but I kind of miss the men who dressed like men and made the ladies stare .

”  My style icon is no other than  Steve McQueen.”_Dane

”When it comes to my style    Fit is everything! My style is pretty simple usually only one or two colours and as long as everything fits well it will look good.”_Dane 
” working at KIPH I deal with a lot of amazing brands every day! But if I had to fill my wardrobe with just one brand it would be ‘’ Never Tell Your Tailor’’ , it’s probably one of the coolest brands I’ve seen. They make epic tees that are pretty cheeky but well designed and phenomenal quality.”_Dne



  1. JustChillen

    Another person who does not know what he wants to wear so he just wore everything that he thought might look good, I like the fact the he is trying to be creative with his style but it has no actual direction. The blazer with the cardigan underneath look weird and the jeans and sneakers just don’t go well together maybe a different approach to the top or to the bottom. maybe if he wore just regular clean cut dress pants and a pair of loafer he would look good. Again sorry to be so blunt, great blog though

    • Again you have the right to express your thoughts ,but this is not a ”how i would have done it” platform ”. Dane did a good job layering with the cardigan and blazer (that is what its called) and the white shirt just gives the neutral colors he chose a pop to finish of the burgundy chinos which i am so in love with .If you really dont appreciate this outfit then i would personally not allow you to dress a pinata.

      thank you sir.

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