The pearly whites , in my opinion this is where every man’s sneaker journey should start , with a pair clean whites. There have been untold stories of all white pearl sneakers saving marriages and little kittens on tree top around the world and so its safe to say passing these around the table on my birthday will not be a bad move . I call all white sneakers the life savers because they bring a clean feel to almost any look and they are the only type of footwear approved by the secret society of gentleman that can be paired with a suit to a wedding . These Clopton mid top angels from wesc are so pretty and clean, and the good thing is they are on sale HERE ( if you are a size  13-11 kindly log off and go to the website now, size 9 and below keep reading you know your size is always abundant in the sale section ). Happy weekend  ♣



  1. JustChillen

    The only really classic timeless white sneaker is the Jack Purcell all white low top canvas

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